How It Works Going Green With Solar Panel System Is Easy

We make the solar panel installation process easy. We will handle all the details, and communicate with you along the way.

1. Consultation

2. Approval


3. Documents

5. CAD/Permit

6. Install

green energy consultation

Consultation –

Savings Report

Meet with one of our expert energy consultants. At the consultation you will learn about solar technology, costs, and the energy savings. This meeting is what allows your consultant to create your savings report.

Approval Process

Financing: We work with lenders that can provide low financing up to 25 yrs. Approval and interest rate is based on credit history. We can also do bundle financing if you need a roof, electrical work, insulation, or have turf and/or pavers installed.

A tax credit (not a rebate) of 30% of the projects cost can be deducted from your owed taxes. Must include solar. Current guidelines stipulate that solar tax credits can be claimed for as long as the Residential Clean Energy Credit is active, which ends on December 31, 2032.


After the approval process, the documents are presented and signed to proceed with the site survey.

roof inspection

Site Survey

An inspection needs to be done before any solar system work can proceed. The roofs condition, and electrical supply is very important for the solar system installation. If needed – whether its electrical, a roof section, or an entire roof replacement, we can get that done, and it can be financed with the project.

CAD Design –


Our team will handle all of the required city, and local utility permits, including the paperwork. So relax, we will handle the details.

design for solar panels
blue print


Our expert installation team is ready and willing to get your project professionally installed!  Our average install time from sale to install is within 30 days.

solar activation


Your system is activated! Congratulations, and a sincere appreciation for helping the planet by using sustainable energy!